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About our company

Our Goal

Gaining an in depth understanding our clients business and strategies, challenges and opportunities, products and competitive landscape to fully leverage and coordinate various digital collateral for the maximum potential of their online assets.

Our Mission

Achieve maximum online success through integrated and interactive digital strategies – dedication to our clients with a goal oriented ethos to expand sales and market share by increasing its online exposure and its customer capturing potential.

Our Vision

We are set apart by our marriage of technology with data, analytics, strategy and the customer experience, as well as being able to connect our customers brand or in-store experience with their social media and digital collateral.

About Us

Interactive Online was registered as a legal entity in 2011 but our roots go back much further. Combined with the team’s experience, we’re a power house with decades of digital marketing experience.

Our model is very simple: We focus on your bottom line and believe in achieving fantastic results through driven digital marketing tactics & strategies. If our clients are achieving success, then so are we – the only way a relationship can stand the test of time.

Interactive Online identifies with the ability to adapt and be extremely agile in order to obtain success. The landscape of digital marketing is extremely volatile and we do not believe in multi-teared management, but rather a focus on nimbly staying ahead of trends and therefore ensuring our clients number one objective – increased business.

Creative People

Daniel Haugh
Marketing Director

NYC Ad Agency experience with a visionary approach to tech marketing

Aleida Brink
Account Coordinator

With a strong background in graphic design, Aleida executes daily content updates online while keeping up with a wide range responsibilities.

Aidan Soule
Web Developer

Managing large portfolios with an eye to combine functionality and creative flare

Claire Olivier
Marketing Manager

Developing marketing strategy in line with client objectives. Coordinating marketing campaigns and overseeing the marketing budget.

Gareth Perkins
Wireless Network Engineer

Design, implement, and optimize a company's guest wireless LAN and other wireless technologies for optimized use with our iWiFi application.

Arun Muthusamy
Software Engineer

Specializing in programming, developing software solutions and web development

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