Interactive Online

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Strategy

Research, Competitor Analysis, Trend Reviews, Online Audit, Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy, Digital Channel Strategy, Digital Media Strategy, Social Media and Content Strategy.

User Experience

Scenario & User Flow Modelling, Information Architecture & Content Strategy, Design & Visual Heirarchy, Prototype Creation, Gamification


Creative Concept, Copywriting & Design, Branding & Art Direction, User Interface Design, Adaptive & Responsive Layout Design and Illustration


Html5 & Flash Development, Mobi Site Development, Backend & Database Development, Content Management Systems and eCommerce Systems.

Emerging Media

Social Media & Community Management, Facebook App Development, Cross Platform Mobile App Development, Digitally Integrated Activations, Digital Out-of-Home Installations, Augmented Reality, Motion Gesture Technology, QR Codes, Experimental Design & Technology.

Campaign Management

Full ATL Integration, Prize Draws & Winner Management, Prize & Airtime Distribution Services, Outsourced Auditing Services, Consumer Query Management, Call Centre Briefing, Package Unique Code Generation, Supply Chain Management, Campaign Reporting

Analytics & Insights

Google Analytics, Facebook & Twitter Tracking & Analysis, Trend Prediction, Business Analysis & Streamlining, Data Mining, Post Campaign Reporting, Consumer Behaviour & Insights, Heat Mapping, Conversion Funnel Analysis, Clickstream Analysis.


Touch Point Strategy, Database Management, Consumer Profiling, Conversion & Retention Strategy and Workflow Management Systems.

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